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1.0 Introduction

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The Street Design Guide is broken into two interconnected sections:

The Street Design Guide informs the planning and design of all future street projects in Minneapolis, including street reconstructions and street retrofit projects. The Street Design Guide also informs how the City will approach street projects led by partner agencies such as Hennepin County and the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The guide should also be used to inform adjustments in the street right of way in coordination with private development and utility work.

The guidance in this guide advances adopted City policy and supports the goals of the Transportation Action Plan. This guide is a key step to make walking, bicycling, and transit real options for people of all backgrounds and in all neighborhoods of Minneapolis, eliminating all traffic deaths and severe injuries, and addressing the effects and lessening the causes of climate change.

When managing a street design project on an individual street, designers are encouraged to use the Street Types map to find guiding information about the street, including its street type, basic information, and modal network. They can then look to the guidance for the appropriate street type as a starting point for the design process. The Street Design Guide is intended to inform all projects, but each project has unique characteristics that impact final design decisions.

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