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2.0 Street Type Guidance

2.1 Introduction

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This chapter includes design guidance organized around a set of street types, which are assigned to all streets in Minneapolis except freeways (see the street types map). The street types were developed based on the envisioned character of streets, including planned land uses and built form and street users and uses. 

The street types recognize the range of conditions on streets within Minneapolis and classifies similar streets together to ensure consistent design practices that support City policies. The street types support the planned land uses and built form in the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Minneapolis 2040. Different land uses generate a range of trip types, varying numbers of trips, and require unique types of access for people and vehicles. The concept of a city-based street typology and the development of these street types is consistent with guidance from the National Association for City Transportation Officials (NACTO).

Street Types

The Street Design Guide includes ten street types: